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Coin Laundry Competitive Intelligence for Virginia

View a list of the local coin laundry competition and click on location name for more details regarding estimated visitor traffic, population demographics, popular visit times, and more. Includes a 1, 3, 5-mile site selection data analytics report for each coin laundry location.

Coin Laundry Locations Affiliation Phone Services Popularity
  +17578870923 Drycleaning
  +17038201416 Coin Laundry
  +14347932011 Coin Laundry
Wash Land

Wash Land

2007 S Military Hwy Ste B
Chesapeake, Chesapeake City 23320

  +17575457860 Coin Laundry
  +17574845088 Drycleaning
  +17575459098 Drycleaning
  +17577221414 Coin Laundry
  Coin Laundry
  +14348238000 Drycleaning, Coin Laundry
  +12764159761 Coin Laundry
  +14347932011 Drycleaning
  +17035220901 Drycleaning
  +18046789620 Drycleaning
  +14347932011 Coin Laundry
  +18045263722 Coin Laundry
  +17577877191 Coin Laundry
  +17574570440 Coin Laundry
  +15406352334 Drycleaning, Coin Laundry
  +14347932011 Coin Laundry
  +15406765637 Coin Laundry
  +18047889163 Coin Laundry
  +14347932011 Coin Laundry
  +18043555726 Sewing and Alterations, Drycleaning
  +15406393305 Drycleaning
  +18047375149 Drycleaning

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List of the Best Coin Laundry Locations by County in Virginia

Coin Laundry Site Selection Considerations for Virginia

Coin Laundry Site Insight

When selecting a site for a coin laundry business in Virginia, the following factors should be considered to ensure the success of the business:

  • Demographics: Many locations have a diverse population. For example, some cities have a high density of students, young professionals and families. Consider the demographics of the location, as some neighborhoods may have a higher demand for coin laundry services.
  • Accessibility: Consider the accessibility of the site by foot, bike, public transportation and car. Many locations have strong public transportation system, so a location near a bus or subway stop may be beneficial.
  • Competition: Research the competition in the area to determine if there are already several coin laundry businesses. Become an expert in coin-laundry competition in Virginia. Try to select a location where there is little or no competition, or where the competition is weak.
  • Visibility: The site should be in a highly visible location, with a high amount of foot and vehicle traffic. Consider the visibility of the site from the street and if there is adequate signage to attract customers.
  • Utilities: Ensure that the site has access to reliable electricity, water and sewage services.
  • Zoning: The site should be zoned for commercial use and allow for a coin laundry business. Check with Virginia officials to ensure the site complies with local zoning laws.
  • Rent/Lease: The cost of rent or lease should be reasonable and within the budget for the business. Research the average rent/lease prices for commercial properties in the area to determine if the site is a good value.
  • Size: The site should be big enough to accommodate the necessary equipment, storage, and customer space. Consider the layout and design of the site to ensure it is efficient and functional.
  • Future growth potential: Consider the potential for future growth and expansion at the site. There are neighborhoods in Virginia that are a rapidly growing, and vice versa, so select a location that has the potential for future growth.

By considering these factors, you can find a suitable site for your coin laundry business in Virginia that will help ensure its success.

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